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Were Jellies Abound

What Flavor Are You?

Hybrid Therianthrope and Otherkin
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So what is this place?

A place for hybrid kin. Hybrid creatures, polymorphs, polyweres, shapeshifters, cladotherianthropes, contherianthropes, and all things of similar nature. A place for those who harbor the essence of more than one within themselves. Therianthropes and Otherkin alike.

A place for understanding.

There are those of us who hold more than one aspect or spiritual essence within ourselves. We want to understand why. We want to find others we can relate to. Others with similar experiences and feelings. To find people we can share our stories and feelings with, who will understand.


A Place For:

1. Mature and intelligent discussions about spiritual beliefs, Therianthropy, phenotypes, totems, Shifting, magick, and related subjects.

2. Understanding. Being what we are alone can be quite confusing. We're here to offer each other support. No one here can tell you what you are, or if you are Therianthrope or Otherkin at all. Only you can discover that for yourself through meditation and soul-searching.

3. Helpful information for those in need of the advice and opinions of older or more experienced Kin.

4. Open minds. This community is intended to be constructive. A place for us to gather, to speak freely but seriously about things related to our inner natures, be they animal or not.

NOT A Place For:

1. "I'm going to make myself an insanely neat and powerful phenotype and it will be: wolf/dragon/demon/elf/coyote/vampire/tiger/alien/chicken hybrid!" This isn't a game. It IS what we feel inside, on a much deeper, spiritual level. One does not 'pick' their phenotypes. Phenotypes pick you. You don't control or decide who or what you are inside, you just are. Phenotypes aren't about having a favorite animal or animals. As for the chicken... stop laughing! They can poke your eyeballs out.

2. Roleplaying. While many of us might indulge in roleplaying in our own personal time, that is not what this community is about. Thus, if you want to do it, take it somewhere else.

3. Negativity in any form. There will be NO tolerance here for flaming, fighting, spamming, bias, prejudice, or blatant negative remarks.


This is just a rough set of guidelines, which will be updated as the need arises. Use common sense and good judgment and proper netiquette and you should be fine.

For the sake of people with slower connections/older computers, please make use of the lj-cut tag) for longer posts.

That's all we ask.

~-~ Websites ~-~

Comparison of nonhuman communities - For Therian & Otherkin

~-~ Communities ~-~

The maintainers here are: leopardwolf and notpink

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Let us know!

How else can you help? Spread the word about this community so people can find us!