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Please read :)

Hello everyone.

I hope you don’t mind me sending this message. I recently was contacted by a researcher at a television production company who is looking to study otherkin and possibly do a documentary on the sub culture, different phenotypes, experiences and community that is out there at the moment. Hes having real difficulty getting a hold of anyone that will speak to him, I had an hour long conversation on the phone with him today and found him very respectful, inquisitive and understanding of what I told him. He asked appropriate questions and I didn’t feel like he was trying to pry. I would really appreciate if you guys would consider contacting him via email. If you don’t want to have any further involvement, or just maybe only speak to him over email that’s fine, what ever your comfortable with. I explained to him that since it is very closely tied with peoples spirituality, and because its something that people can and have been looked down upon, he may have difficulty getting people to open up about it. But the way he was speaking was that he wanted to do something that would show other people watching that they are not alone and there are other people out there. If you guys don’t want to talk to him I totally understand, but I thought I would ask. It dosnt matter if your newly awakened and just have your own experiences, or what ever any information is good. His name is Joe and here is his email:

PS. If you know any otherkin who would be interested, or any forums you could post this on I would really appreciate it.

Much Love
Lost Shadowwolf

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