Lady Gaia Moonfox (witchofgaia99) wrote in hybrid_kin,
Lady Gaia Moonfox

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Strange Hybrid Saying Hello...

  Greetings all,
 I'm a confirmed hybrid here, no doubt about it. I've been dancing around the truth of it in my head for some time now (that and most otherkin groups won't buckle down to brass tax and start figuring out how and why we are what we

 Anywho, I'm a part dragon, part wood elf.....
 I thought I was part angelic for a while given the nature of my wings, but no, there's elvin blood mixed in. 

 I'm a bit curious what the theories and opinions are in this group concerning us. 

 I'm looking forward to meeting you all.

 Brightest Blessings.
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