Therian/Otherkin/Vamp Community Research Study (houseava3) wrote in hybrid_kin,
Therian/Otherkin/Vamp Community Research Study

Major FAQ & Site Revisions - Please Complete Surveys ASAP!

We have recently revised the entire FAQ and web site devoted to the VEWRS & AVEWRS research surveys to address questions e-mailed to us from therians, otherkin, and other individuals.  We hope that this information will better address why we are now seeking responses from these communities and explain in more detail not only the background of why we began this study but also what we hope for it to accomplish for all of us.  Please take the time to review these updates over the weekend and complete these important surveys and submit back via e-mail. 

The parts that are "not applicable" - choose such or when not given that option leave blank, the parts you want to clarify or add to - by all means do so (you may type in extra material on every free response blank or amend to the end of your survey(s), and likewise feel free to tell us anything you'd like to see included into our final research regarding otherkin and therianthropy - simply add to the end of each survey in one of the free response sections (properly labeling it as an addition/clarification).  Thank you so much!.

Updated FAQ:

Updated Analysis Focus & Timeframe:

Revised Site:

Any assistance you can give us by completing one or both of the surveys yourselves and encouraging others in your community to do the same would be greatly appreciated!  Our next presentation is in Los Angeles, CA on October 30th and we'd like to have received as many surveys back to us before this time as possible.  The response rate has increased to over 600 VEWRS and over 300 AVEWRS since March 2006 and August 2006 respectively.  We literally have hundreds of pages of data on therian and otherkin demographic, spiritual, medical, background, energy work, metaphysics, shifting, personality, etc. that we are looking forward to sharing with all of you.  We hope that this data may serve as a building block from which your community can formulate questions and answer questions about yourselves that extends beyond simple forum polls and non-correlated questioning and into a larger picture for the therian and otherkin communities.

Thank you for your time and your participation!
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