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WARNING, circulate about...

Today, I was contacted by someone using the account houseava3 (essentially doing a mass adding here) about a research study they are attempting to perform on the therian subcultures. As I do with anyone claiming to perform research using personal information, I asked about both their academic affiliation and their IRB documentation. This was the reply I received:

This study is a sociological and phenomenological quantitative and qualitative, or moreover mixed methodological, anonymous survey based study of a specific subculture conducted by a subculture, outside institutional or academic oversight (the very purpose of this study report the collective opinions and beliefs held by x, y, & z from the direct personal standpoint of the subculture itself). It is not a scientific examination of a specific phenomena with trials, control groups, or IRB review as such is not required for this type of double-blind anonymous study. For more details of such refer to the FAQ and analysis procedures outlined on the web site.

Any researcher worth his or her salt knows that any use of human subjects requires IRB approval and declaration, which defines how information is collected and used before, during, and after the study.

It would seem that this "research" is anything but and is instead a group of third party fans simply trying to mine for information for a broad undefined purpose, under the guise of performing research. Participate with extreme caution.

EDIT: After pressing and grilling more, I got another reply with another interesting tidbit:

"...the funding is solely provided by Suscitatio Enterprises LLC, not an academic institution."

What we have here is for-profit research with no compensation to participants, which would be laid out in the terms of an IRB--even if just to say that it's for-profit and that participants get nothing in return. Further caution is advised...
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