Lupa (lupagreenwolf) wrote in hybrid_kin,

I put this under a cut since I'm going to be crossposting it quite a bit.

Just FYI, I've made an Oct. 1 cut-off date for surveys for the first edition of A Field Guide to Otherkin. Surveys received before then may not end up being used for this edition of the book, as I intend to have the final-except-for-minor-last-minute-touchups done in early October. However, I'm accepting surveys indefinitely since I intend to update later editions of the book.

Okay, I'm gonna keep quiet about this on forums/communities/etc. until the book is actually out, which should be early in 2007. I will be announcing preorders about three months before the estimated publication date (which I do not have yet, beyond the early 2007 thing). This will be done on my Livejournal (lupabitch), so if you want to keep up with any updates, you can either friend me, or join my (low traffic) announcement-only listserve at I appreciate the mods for being nice and allowing me a little announcement space here, along with all the fun socializing.

Thanks for your patience, and thanks to all those who've filled out surveys--you've really, really helped to make this book happen! :)

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