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Were Jellies Abound [entries|friends|calendar]
Hybrid Therianthrope and Otherkin

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Please read :) [09 Feb 2012|06:53pm]

Hello everyone.

I hope you don’t mind me sending this message. I recently was contacted by a researcher at a television production company who is looking to study otherkin and possibly do a documentary on the sub culture, different phenotypes, experiences and community that is out there at the moment. Hes having real difficulty getting a hold of anyone that will speak to him, I had an hour long conversation on the phone with him today and found him very respectful, inquisitive and understanding of what I told him. He asked appropriate questions and I didn’t feel like he was trying to pry. I would really appreciate if you guys would consider contacting him via email. If you don’t want to have any further involvement, or just maybe only speak to him over email that’s fine, what ever your comfortable with. I explained to him that since it is very closely tied with peoples spirituality, and because its something that people can and have been looked down upon, he may have difficulty getting people to open up about it. But the way he was speaking was that he wanted to do something that would show other people watching that they are not alone and there are other people out there. If you guys don’t want to talk to him I totally understand, but I thought I would ask. It dosnt matter if your newly awakened and just have your own experiences, or what ever any information is good. His name is Joe and here is his email:

PS. If you know any otherkin who would be interested, or any forums you could post this on I would really appreciate it.

Much Love
Lost Shadowwolf
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Research Project Help [11 Nov 2009|10:26am]
Hello,  I am in the process of writing a research paper for my cultural anthropology class and I am needing to interview individuals of the sub cultural I am researching.  I have chosen to research Otherkins and I am hoping someone will be willing to take a few minutes to answer my questions.

Some of these might seem mundane but I promise they reflect directly to what I am required to cover in my paper.  I have tried to word these as not offend anyone but I might have failed, so if something is offensive I apologize in advance and if you would explain how it is offensive that would help me greatly.  As of right now everything I have found is either from a book or what I have read on the internet so I am at a disadvantage. Here goes.

1.  Is your identity as an Otherkin as a whole, more or less important than you identity as a specific creature?  Do you feel more connected with people of your own identity or simply otherkins as a whole.

2.  How does your identity as an otherkin affect your daily life?

3.  Do you feel that your friends and family understand the meaning of your otherkin identity?

4.  Have you awakened?  And if so would you tell me about it?

5.  What otherkin do you identify with?  Has this changed over time or have you always been the same creature?

6.  I have read that there are some biological explanations for a blending of species.  How do you feel about these explanations and does it matter to you if this can be explained by science?

7.  Do you practice a specific religion?  If so what and how does it affect your otherkin identity?

8.  How has identifying yourself as an Otherkin improved your life?

Once again I appreciate all the help I can get.  I have to turn my paper in the beginning of December so the sooner a response can be sent the better.

Thank you for all your help.
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Ontological Rebellion: The Otherkin Community and the Struggle for Reality [07 Aug 2009|04:10pm]

Joseph Laycock, author of Vampires Today: The Truth About Modern Vampirism, will be delivering a paper (oral lecture) on Otherkin and the Otherkin Community at the annual conference of the Association for the Sociology of Religion (ASR) in San Francisco, CA tomorrow (August 8, 2009).

Association for the Sociology of Religion (ASR) Annual Meeting
August 8-10, 2009 - San Francisco, CA
"Ontological Rebellion: The Otherkin Community and the Struggle for Reality"
Joseph Laycock, Boston University

Vampires Today: The Truth About Modern Vampirism
Joseph Laycock - Praeger Publishers 2009

Examples of this writings and blogs may be viewed at Religion Dispatches
Note:  While he's a "scholar of religion", he does not argue that "vampirism" or "otherkin" are new religious movements - this is simply his peer audience and disclipline of study backdropped against a broader sociological context.

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Vampires Today: The Truth About Modern Vampirism (Academic Book) + Otherkin Interests [06 Jun 2009|04:40pm]


The author of the following book will be delivering a paper on Otherkin in August (2009) at the Association for the Sociology of Religion's annual conference in San Francisco, CA.  If you know of individuals with insightful perspectives or interviews to provide regarding Otherkin or the Otherkin Community e-mail us at research@suscitatio.com and we'll pass along your contact information to Mr. Laycock.  He is already in communication with quite of number of individuals from the Otherkin community to ensure as accurate a representation as possible. 

If you're interested in the Vampirism & Energy Work Research Study (VEWRS/AVEWRS), sanguinarian and/or psychic vampirism w/secondary focus on Otherkin / Therianthropy, or the vampire community in general you will want to purchase a copy of this book.  There hasn't been anything quite like this published before... a very different kind of text/approach than that of Ramsland, Guiley, Guinn, and others.

The academic and sociological significance of this work can't be underscored enough.  Laycock offers a sweeping scholarly examination of the vampire community and the process of self-identification as a vampire.  He counters many of the negative stereotypes of the vampire community and posits thought-provoking arguments regarding ontological diversity.  I strongly encourage everyone to obtain a copy of this book and link to it as a resource for vampirism and the vampire community.

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Vampires-Today-Truth-Modern-Vampirism/dp/0313364729/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1230149021&sr=1-1

Praeger Publishers:  http://www.greenwood.com/catalog/C36472.aspx

Religion Dispatches Article:  http://www.religiondispatches.org/archive/rdbook/1438/modern_vampires%3A_your_neighbors_and_spouses/?page=1

Vampires Today:  The Truth About Modern Vampirism
Joseph Laycock

Chapter 1:  What Is a Vampire? or, The Varieties of Vampiric Experience
Chapter 2:  Why Vampires?
Chapter 3:  The Vampire Milieu
Chapter 4:  Initiatory Vampire Groups:  Vampirism as Apotheosis
Chapter 5:  The Vampire Community
Chapter 6:  Vampirism and Religion, a Dialogue
Chapter 7:  Out of the Shadows
Chapter 8:  Vampires and the Modern
Bibliography & Index

Names You May Recognize (Mentioned and/or Contributed Material):

Atlanta Vampire Alliance, Corvis Nocturnum, Daemonox, D'Drennan, Don Henrie, Dozens of Groups/Houses/etc. (House Dark Haven, House Eclipse, House Kheperu, House of the Dreaming, House Pantheon, House Quinotaur, House Sahjaza, Temple of the Vampire, Order of the Vampyre, Ordo Strigoi Vii, etc.), Eclecta, Father Sebastiaan, Father Vincent, Goddess Rosemary, J. Gordon Melton, Kiera, Lady CG, Lady Dark Rose, Lord Alistair, Madame X, Maloryn, Martin Riccardo, Merticus, Michelle Belanger, Nicholas, Sanguinarius, Sarah Dorrance, Shadowlore, SoulSplat, SphynxCatVP, Stephen O'Mallie, Vlad & Sky, Voices of the Vampire Community, Vyrdolak, & Zilchy

Inside Cover: 

Vampires are not just the stuff of folklore and fiction. This book explores the modern world of vampirism in all its variety.

Around the globe, untold numbers of people are identifying as "vampires" and following the ways of "vampirism."  But what does it mean to be a vampire?  Is vampirism a religion? Is it a fantasy? Is it a medical condition?  Based upon extensive interviews with members of the Atlanta Vampire Alliance and others within vampire communities throughout the United States, Vampires Today looks at the many expressions of vampirism.

In the past two decades, modern vampirism has come under increased study, yet most scholarship has portrayed the vampire community as a cultural phenomenon or, at worst, as a religious cult. Having interviewed many vampires across the country, both "lifestylers" and "real," even those "reluctants" who try not to be vampires, Laycock argues that today's vampires are best understood as an identity group and that vampirism has caused a profound change in how individuals choose to define themselves. As vampires come "out of the closet," either as followers of a "religion" or "lifestyle" or as people biologically distinct from other humans, their confrontation with mainstream society will raise questions about the definition of "normal" and what it means to be human.

In this book, readers will meet "lifestyle vampires," who adopt a culture and a gothic ascetic associated with the vampires of art and legend.  They will be introduced to "real" vampires, who feel that they must actually consume blood and/or psychic energy for their well being.  They will hear from members of the Atlanta Vampire Alliance, and they will learn about the Order of the Vampyre, the Ordo Strigoi Vii, and the Temple of the Vampire.

There is no doubt that anyone who reads this book will find the details of real vampire life--including vampire role-playing games, grimoires, "vampyre" balls, vampire houses like House Sahjaza and House Kheperu, the vampire "caste" system, and other details--utterly fascinating.

Additional Notes:  The author holds a Masters of Divinity from Harvard University, a recipient of a grant from the Pluralism Project, and currently enrolled in the Division of Religious and Theological Studies at Boston University where he's working on his PhD.  He has presented on the topic of vampirism at the American Academy of Religion Conference in San Diego where he argued that "vampirism" should not be classified as a new religious movement (NRM) and to faculty at the University of Michigan and other institutional bodies on the sociological and emergent scientific aspects of vampirism.  Laycock is well versed in the structure of the vampire community, has interviewed many individuals from diverse paths, and attended multiple gatherings.
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Otherkin/Therian/Vampire Research Network - Please Join! [02 Jan 2009|01:43pm]


Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC
Vampirism & Energy Work Research Study w/Secondary Focus On Otherkin, Therianthropy, & Awakened Individuals

We have consolidated our contact and information sharing network on Ning into one central location and invite everyone who has already participated, in the process of participating, or is interested in this study to join the following Ning group.  This network will only be used for internal community informational purposes whereas the existing http://www.suscitatio.com web site will remain the primary research hub.  This will greatly reduce the time it takes to notify those who are interested without the need to post future minor updates across 30+ Ning groups, 100+ MySpace groups, 20+ LiveJournal communities, etc.  Additionally, any important breaking community related news will be available via this network; see VVC RSS Feed.

Please Join:  http://suscitatio.ning.com

The latest information concerning the Vampirism & Energy Work Research Study (VEWRS & AVEWRS Surveys) will be posted via this network.  All charts are available and posted in the photos section for data sets one through four.  2009 is going to be a busy year for us with analysis, the completion of additional data sets, and a couple important publications released that involve our research.  Thank you for your continued interest and support!

- Suscitatio Research Staff
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Otherkin - Therian - Vampirism Research Surveys - Important Update [23 Dec 2008|07:15pm]


The long-term importance of the VEWRS & AVEWRS surveys can't be stressed enough and this will come into focus on a larger scale in May of 2009 with the publication of an academic book involving some of the information gathered thus far. This independent publication in May ‘09 necessitates that we stop accepting surveys and move full time into analysis and writing if we ever hope to finish this decade (over 130 additional surveys have been e-mailed to us after the initial Oct. ’07 deadline bring the response total to over 750+).  If you have not already completed these surveys (preferably both parts) PLEASE take an hour or so tonight or this weekend/over the holidays to sit down and complete at least the VEWRS (Part 1 - Survey). PLEASE encourage others you know to complete these surveys as well - we rely on your assistance to reach as many individuals online and offline as possible.

THESE SURVEYS ARE APPLICABLE IN PART TO THE THERIAN & OTHERKIN COMMUNITY - YOUR PARTICIPATION IS VALUED & IMPORTANT!  Nearly 200 Otherkin & Therians have already participated in this study and a year later we are extending the offer to participation one last time before initial publication of aspects of this study.  We intend to share the data with these groups so that both may benefit by having a clearer understanding of the demographics, experiences, and beliefs held by our different but often interlinked groups.  If there are questions located on the VEWRS (Part 1) & AVEWRS (Part 2) survey that are not applicable to you, simply answer "Not Applicable", leave blank, or where appropriate if a substitution of "vampire" or "energy worker" for "therian" or "otherkin" is applicable to you please feel free to answer and your response will be treated under the category you identify yourself as outlined on question #172 and #285 (Other - Write In) of the VEWRS and #383/384 and #982 of the AVEWRS.  The data will be divided into the follow classification based on your own self-identity.  Please encourage others from the Otherkin & Therian community to participate ASAP in this study!

V:ampire; V - VE - VO - VT - VEO - VET - VOT - VEOT
E:nergy Worker; E - EO - ET - EOT
O:therkin; O - OT
T:herian; T
How To Participate:

PLEASE download and complete the following survey(s) - if you don't have the time to complete both of these surveys please at least complete the 1st (VEWRS). Your input is more valuable than you realize and will help aid in the understanding of real vampirism, energy work, psychic phenomena, otherkin, therianthropy, etc.

Return the surveys to

SURVEYS: (Click Links To Download)

Part 1 - VEWRS (MS Word Format): 
Part 2 - AVEWRS (MS Word Format): 

TROUBLESHOOTING: (If You Are Unable To Read The File) - Simply Copy/Paste From The Web Sites Below Into rtf/doc/pdf/text File Format or Direct E-mail, "X" Your Choices or Delete Any Non-Applicable Choice, Send As Attachment:

Part 1 - VEWRS (Text Format): 
Part 2 - AVEWRS (Text Format): 


- Suscitatio Research Staff

Vampirism & Energy Work Research Study

A Detailed Sociological & Phenomenological Examination Of The Real Vampire & Energy Worker Community With Secondary Focus On Therianthropy, Otherkin, & "Awakened" Individuals
Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC

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Vampire Community News RSS Feed + Tyra Banks "Vampires" Episode Videos [10 Nov 2008|01:46pm]

If you would like to stay up to date with the most recent news concerning the real vampire community subscribe to the Voices of the Vampire Community (VVC) RSS Feed at:


News Articles & Videos:


The Tyra Banks "Vampires" Episode from October 31, 2008 w/Don Henrie, Sarah Lester, & Vampyra is available for viewing either on YouTube or at the link below in a single-page format.

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TWILIGHT III - Seattle, WA - September 26-28, 2008 [20 Aug 2008|06:14pm]

This event is also available to those from the therian, energy worker, shamanic, and other related communities who share peaceful interest, open mindedness, and/or commonality with vampirism or those from our community.  This is an invitation to all those who maintain a serious desire to learn more about the real vampire community and who are able to attend current or future gatherings.

TWILIGHT III - Seattle, WA - September 26-28, 2008
A Formal Gathering of the Real Vampire Community

TWILIGHT is a formal gathering of individuals involved in vampirism (practical and academic), coordinated by Merticus (http://www.myspace.com/merticus) (of Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC (http://www.suscitatio.com) and the Atlanta Vampire Alliance (http://www.atlantavampirealliance.com) and Daemonox (http://www.myspace.com/daemonox) (of the Vampirism Community eList (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/vampirism). The goal of this gathering is to bring together the community's serious and sane for discussion, knowledge exchange, networking, and social engagement. This is an invitational event that screens attendees, and we reserve the right to refuse access to anyone.

TWILIGHT III will be held on the weekend of September 26-28th in Seattle, WA. This gathering will be officially hosted by Eric Bloodstorm (http://www.myspace.com/eric_bloodstorm_pdx) from Portland, OR, and Lady Slinky (http://www.myspace.com/ladyslinky) (of the VCMB (http://www.vcmb.org) from Seattle, WA, along with the Vampirism Community eList, which will celebrate its 10 Year Anniversary as of September 28th.

- Gathering Itinerary -

For this gathering, we have the following presentations and guest speakers planned, as well as several more that we look forward to committing to the conference shortly:

  - "The Vampire Archetype in Media, Culture, & the Real Vampire Community" by Michelle Belanger (of House Kheperu & author of "The Psychic Vampire Codex", "The Psychic Energy Codex", as well as author/compiler of "Vampires In Their Own Words")

  - "The Vampirism & Energy Work Research Study" by Merticus (of the Atlanta Vampire Alliance (AVA), & Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC - authors of the study)

  - "Energy Work Within the Void: Integration of the Individual as a Whole" by Soma (of the Los Angeles shamanic & vampiric communities)

  - "Law As It Relates to the Real Vampire & BDSM Communities, & the Practical Reality of the Donor Contract" by J.G.C. (of the Los Angeles, CA legal field & vampiric community)

In addition to the presentations, there will be open group discussion, and discussions panels that will involve the aformentioned presenters along with the following special guests: Eric Bloodstorm (Portland, OR), Lady Slinky (Seattle, WA - VCMB), Cole (San Francisco, CA - Carpe Noctum), Zilchy (San Diego, CA - Vampire Q&A on YouTube), Daemonox (Los Angeles, CA - Vampirism Community eList), and as a delightful twist, Case (Seattle, WA - Seattle Skeptics). We look forward to adding more finalized details, such as topics and additional presentations shortly. Thank you for your patience.

- RSVP'ing For Gathering & Hotel Booking -

As of Tuesday, August 19th, TWILIGHT III is currently just over halfway booked, with a capacity limit of 60 people, maximum. Discount hotel rates for the location of this gathering will ONLY be available until September 1st! For this reason, early RSVP'ing and hotel registration is highly encouraged (you will not be charged until check-out). Please RSVP NOW (http://vampires.meetup.com/914/) to secure your ability to attend this gathering, and to receive your hotel booking information.

At this time we are also interested in hearing topic suggestions for group discussion and the panels, along with any questions or comments that you may have. Please contact either Merticus or Daemonox by way of Meetup.com, or make your topic suggestions in the TWILIGHT Meetup message board (http://vampires.meetup.com/914/messages/boards/).

Attendance is restricted to members of TWILIGHT only.

For more information, to join meetup.com, or to RSVP for this event, please visit:


- TWILIGHT Gathering History -

TWILIGHT I was held in Los Angeles, CA on October 30, 2007, and officially hosted by The Wretched eList (California Vampires), and the Los Angeles Vampire Meetup Group. Originally intended as a one-off occurrence, the evening began with a formal banquet dinner on one level, and progressed to presentations and discussions on a second level. Presenting at this gathering was Michelle Belanger (of House Kheperu and author of The Psychic Vampire Codex), along with Merticus and Zero (of the Atlanta Vampire Alliance (AVA), and Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC - authors of Vampirism & Energy Work Research Study). With an attendance of 50 individuals, representative of many notable and active community members from the Southern Californian region, as well as attendees from as far away as South Carolina, Ohio, Georgia, and Northern California, this memorable gathering was heralded as a success and quickly demanded encore.

TWILIGHT II was held in Atlanta, Georgia on the weekend of March 7-9th, 2008, and was officially hosted by the Atlanta Vampire Alliance and Atlanta Vampire & Non-Conformists Meetup Group. Presentations were held by Jason Crutchfield and Michelle Belanger of House Kheperu, Merticus, Zero, and SethNunMin of the Atlanta Vampire Alliance, Alistair of House DarkHaven, Tau Peristera De Magdalene and Tau Heosphoros Iacchus of Liberi Sanguinis Luciferi, RavenHarte of Clan Caladvwlch, Stephen O'Mallie of Clan O'Mallie and House Vengeance, along with discussions involving Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan, Khan, Lady Onyx Ravyn, Allen Greenfield, and Daemonox, and group discussion of the much debated documentary, Vampyres: When Reality Goes Beyond Fiction. With an outstanding attendance of 75 people, this gathering brought together attendees as far away as California, Ohio, Colorado, Virginia, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, North & South Carolina, Alabama, along with the greater Atlanta region, and set an even higher standard for future TWILIGHT gatherings.

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Strange Hybrid Saying Hello... [16 Aug 2008|11:15pm]

  Greetings all,
 I'm a confirmed hybrid here, no doubt about it. I've been dancing around the truth of it in my head for some time now (that and most otherkin groups won't buckle down to brass tax and start figuring out how and why we are what we are...lol).

 Anywho, I'm a part dragon, part wood elf.....
 I thought I was part angelic for a while given the nature of my wings, but no, there's elvin blood mixed in. 

 I'm a bit curious what the theories and opinions are in this group concerning us. 

 I'm looking forward to meeting you all.

 Brightest Blessings.
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Otherkin/Therian/Vampirism Research Study Update - 01.03.08 [03 Jan 2008|12:29pm]

VEWRS & AVEWRS Surveys - An Update 01.03.08:

Our next major release of statistical analysis regarding the VEWRS & AVEWRS will be at the TWILIGHT II Gathering in Atlanta, GA on March 7-9, 2008.  You are invited to attend this event by signing up at: http://vampires.meetup.com/914  We’re glad that several from the Otherkin Community were able to join us at TWILIGHT I in Los Angeles, CA in October 2007!  For the first time with these new upcoming charts and commentary we’ll be dividing the data pools by the following classification method:

V:ampire; V - VE - VO - VT - VEO - VET - VOT - VEOT
E:nergy Worker; E - EO - ET - EOT
O:therkin; O - OT
T:herian; T
* N/A

As many of you are already aware the VEWRS & AVEWRS (Vampirism & Energy Work Research Study) w/secondary focus on Otherkin and Therianthropy (http://www.suscitatio.com) far exceeded our expectations for return rates with over 650+ for the VEWRS and 330+ for the AVEWRS received by the October 31, 2007 deadline.  That equates to over 450,000 individually answered questions!  During the next few months we will be continuing to enter data into SPSS (a statistical analysis program) and working with a variety of individuals from both the community and academia on analysis and correlation of the data we've received.  In addition, this study has captured the attention of many in the media, academic institutions, and even the paranormal community.  While the official deadline has passed, we are asking for your help with a smaller internal and grass-roots effort to directly reach those you personally know within the community (active or inactive) who may have overlooked or failed to complete and return either or both surveys (we will not reject surveys that are still e-mailed to us). We can post on message boards, forums, LJ, Yahoo Groups, MSN, IRC chat rooms, and other areas but we are realistically unable to cover every possible square inch of the internet or global offline community. 

This is why we need your help!

VEWRS & AVEWRS May Be Downloaded From: http://www.suscitatio.com
Completed Surveys May Be E-Mailed To:  response@suscitatio.com
Troubleshooting:  See red box section of web site on instructions on how to complete the "text-only" versions of these surveys

We sincerely thank you for you help with contributing to the success of this study and for your encouragement of others you know to complete and e-mail back these important surveys!

- Suscitatio Research Staff

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Therioside balance shifts & physical changes? [13 Dec 2007|08:27pm]

Has anyone ever noticed any physical changes in yourself (or other hybrids, or someone noticing the changes in you) coinciding with when one therioside (phenotype) becomes more dominant than another? Not necessarily something drastic, it could be subtle. 

Has something similar happened to anyone else?

Could it have something to do with my theriosides and their rebalancing? Or the fact that I've finally acknowledged Caracal as being me rather than just Mau? Or... is it just one of those every-seven-years things with normal human changes? And will I wear out the ? button if I do this one more time? </random>
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Major FAQ & Site Revisions - Please Complete Surveys ASAP! [05 Oct 2007|11:55am]


We have recently revised the entire FAQ and web site devoted to the VEWRS & AVEWRS research surveys to address questions e-mailed to us from therians, otherkin, and other individuals.  We hope that this information will better address why we are now seeking responses from these communities and explain in more detail not only the background of why we began this study but also what we hope for it to accomplish for all of us.  Please take the time to review these updates over the weekend and complete these important surveys and submit back via e-mail. 

The parts that are "not applicable" - choose such or when not given that option leave blank, the parts you want to clarify or add to - by all means do so (you may type in extra material on every free response blank or amend to the end of your survey(s), and likewise feel free to tell us anything you'd like to see included into our final research regarding otherkin and therianthropy - simply add to the end of each survey in one of the free response sections (properly labeling it as an addition/clarification).  Thank you so much!.

Updated FAQ:  http://www.suscitatio.com/research/faq.html

Updated Analysis Focus & Timeframe:  http://www.suscitatio.com/schedule/analysisinfotimeframe.html

Revised Site: 

Any assistance you can give us by completing one or both of the surveys yourselves and encouraging others in your community to do the same would be greatly appreciated!  Our next presentation is in Los Angeles, CA on October 30th and we'd like to have received as many surveys back to us before this time as possible.  The response rate has increased to over 600 VEWRS and over 300 AVEWRS since March 2006 and August 2006 respectively.  We literally have hundreds of pages of data on therian and otherkin demographic, spiritual, medical, background, energy work, metaphysics, shifting, personality, etc. that we are looking forward to sharing with all of you.  We hope that this data may serve as a building block from which your community can formulate questions and answer questions about yourselves that extends beyond simple forum polls and non-correlated questioning and into a larger picture for the therian and otherkin communities.

Thank you for your time and your participation!

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Clarification To Earlier Post - IRB & Profit [28 Sep 2007|05:10pm]


With all due respect we feel it necessary to correct the statement leveled by </b></a>badjahsensei in his (no comment allowed) post earlier regarding “IRB” and “profit” assumptions to this community as such is factually incorrect and not germane to several of the communities where he saw fit to post.  Feel free to distribute this correction accordingly and direct further inquiry to us via e-mail.

IRBs are only required if there is federal research funding involved. This means that IRBs are usually done when any institution or academic suspects in the future they may like to receive federal funding.  There is no "requirement" governing such and no incentive for a private group with non-academic staff to conduct one.  In spite of this, we have satisfied all Federal and institutional guidelines for informed consent when conducting this anonymous voluntary survey(s); for minors or adults. We aren't Federally funded (nor would have any desire to be so), representative of a college, or any other research institution so it's not applicable on its face, however, we still went above and beyond what was required to word the "Purpose, Ethics, Privacy, Disclaimer, etc." sections on the actual survey following established guidelines. Many types of survey research use anonymous questionnaires returned by mail or placed in drop-box locations. (Remember that a subject is anonymous only if his/her identity remains individually unknown to the investigator. Where the identity is known, but held secure from being known by others, the researcher is maintaining the confidentiality of the identity.) With anonymous questionnaires, the researcher may fulfill the requirements of informed consent by providing the subject with a cover letter or set of instructions that includes the following items, as applicable: An explanation of the research project, its purpose and duration of participation time; an offer to answer questions concerning the project and information on how to contact the investigator; a statement indicating anonymity or confidentiality; and an indication that the return of the questionnaire will constitute the subject’s consent to participate (a statement of voluntariness must be included). These are IRB and consent guidelines and such were followed to the letter nearly two years ago when we began this study.

To address the “for profit comment”:  http://www.suscitatio.com/financial/budgetexpenditures.html  Please take the time to look at the web site itself.  We're going in the "hole" each day on this research and estimate it will end up nearly $7,500-$8,000 spent by its cessation with likely not $1 profit.  All that we are asking is for people to complete the surveys, we are not aggressively asking for donations, funding, or seeking other sources of income.  This is a labor or love centered around a specific purpose, not an economic opportunity.

Bottom Line:  We are ultimately conducting this research out of disappointment and anger over some in the media and individuals such as Dawn Perlmutter, Ph.D. in her 2003 paper The Forensics of Sacrifice: A Symbolic Analysis of Ritualistic Crime and book Investigating Religious Terrorism & Ritualistic Crimes, through poorly executed, unsubstantiated, and ethically questionable armchair “research”, characterizing vampires, et. al. as criminals who engage in subversive and dangerous practices. Real vampires, et. al. are mistakenly thrust into the same category of ritual animal or human sacrifice, fetishism, fanatical religious expression or cults, and labeled as unstable threats to themselves and others. We're doing this as community members for the community - not for profit or ourselves. If you have further questions feel free to e-mail us before making erroneous assumptions.  Thank you!

- Suscitatio Research Staff

Important:  We need to wrap up the next batch of data entry on these surveys prior to our presentation in Los Angeles, CA on October 30th and therefore ask that all "Otherkin", "Therian", etc. surveys are submitted to us no later than October 7, 2007.  As things stand now the research branches approximately as follows:  70% Vampiric, 18% Energy Worker, 9% Otherkin/Therian, & 3% N/A

WARNING, circulate about... [27 Sep 2007|05:04pm]

Today, I was contacted by someone using the account houseava3 (essentially doing a mass adding here) about a research study they are attempting to perform on the therian subcultures. As I do with anyone claiming to perform research using personal information, I asked about both their academic affiliation and their IRB documentation. This was the reply I received:

This study is a sociological and phenomenological quantitative and qualitative, or moreover mixed methodological, anonymous survey based study of a specific subculture conducted by a subculture, outside institutional or academic oversight (the very purpose of this study report the collective opinions and beliefs held by x, y, & z from the direct personal standpoint of the subculture itself). It is not a scientific examination of a specific phenomena with trials, control groups, or IRB review as such is not required for this type of double-blind anonymous study. For more details of such refer to the FAQ and analysis procedures outlined on the web site.

Any researcher worth his or her salt knows that any use of human subjects requires IRB approval and declaration, which defines how information is collected and used before, during, and after the study.

It would seem that this "research" is anything but and is instead a group of third party fans simply trying to mine for information for a broad undefined purpose, under the guise of performing research. Participate with extreme caution.

EDIT: After pressing and grilling more, I got another reply with another interesting tidbit:

"...the funding is solely provided by Suscitatio Enterprises LLC, not an academic institution."

What we have here is for-profit research with no compensation to participants, which would be laid out in the terms of an IRB--even if just to say that it's for-profit and that participants get nothing in return. Further caution is advised...

Therian/Otherkin+ Cross-Community Research Study - Important [26 Sep 2007|11:28am]

THIS STUDY IS APPLICABLE IN PART TO THE THERIAN/WERE/OTHERKIN COMMUNITY!  We intend to share the data with these groups so that both may benefit by having a clearer understanding of the demographics, experiences, and beliefs held by our different but often interlinked groups.  Important:  Please read the clarification section below that explains why we are seeking responses from Therians & Otherkin!

* If you have yet to complete the VEWRS & AVEWRS research surveys please visit the link below, complete them ASAP, and return via e-mail! This is a VERY important *universal* study that requires a diversity of participants from the therian and otherkin community as well as the vampirism and energetic/psi community - do NOT miss out having your unique situation/experiences documented in this study!



We've heard through the grapevine that there are some confused therians and otherkin out there as to why they are being asked to take the VEWRS & AVEWRS research surveys. In early 2006 we (actual members of the community ourselves - sanguinarian and psychic (psi) vampires and even a couple therians alike - House AVA) set out to research the vampirism (sanguine/psi) and energy work aspects of primarily the vampire subculture with no anticipation of expanding the survey into anything more. In late 2006, after the release of the AVEWRS (Part 2) survey, we realized that our responses were not only coming from self-reported vampires but also from energy workers, psions, reiki practitioners, therians, weres, shifters, otherkin, and those who considered themselves awakened. Initially we didn't think much of this aberration in response since it appeared at first glance relatively small, however, when we entered the first batch of 350+ surveys earlier this year we realized therian/were response accounted for some 60+ surveys (of which only 40-50% identified also as vampiric). Additionally, we tallied some 195+ otherkin responses, dozens having no reported vampiric traits or abilities and nearly 11% (now 15%+) overall energy worker response with no link to vampirism whatsoever.

Now; we could either use the data for these groups as a baseline comparison (though not ideal since 95% of the responses indicated having gone through an "awakening") or discard them altogether as being outside the scope of the original research model. We decided that instead of just tossing those surveys to the wind that we'd make a gesture to the therian/otherkin community and share the demographic, spiritual, medical, etc. (non-vampiric) data we received so that they could have a starting point of reference on age ranges, gender, family background, educational level, health issues, spiritual beliefs, paranormal experience, reincarnation beliefs, magick practices, ethics, awakening, and a host of other questions asked on the surveys. This is why we are asking those in the therian/were/otherkin community to participate in this research. We realize nearly 50-60% of the surveys deal exclusively with vampire related topics (hence "Not Applicable"), however, many of the questions may be answered from a therian perspective and will be treated as such based on your self-identity as a therian/otherkin on question #172 (VEWRS) and by the detail you go into on #982 (AVEWRS). While it's important to complete the VEWRS for demographic reasons you'll clearly see the cross-comparisons between our communities when you read through the entire AVEWRS. Sections 1, 2, 4, & 5 are largely universal to therians and vampires alike (despite the section titles) meaning therians/weres/otherkin can answer a large portion of these from their own experience. We hope this clears up many of the questions you had on why you were being asked to complete the VEWRS/AVEWRS and if you have any other questions please drop us a e-mail. We don't intend to send you countless e-mails - just know that we appreciate your support, your encouragement of others to complete the surveys, and your participation more than you know!

***** ***** *****

Our next major presentation will be October 30, 2007 in Los Angeles, CA at the Twilight West Coast Gathering Of The Vampire Community.  
If you are interested in attending the "Twilight" event please e-mail us at research@suscitatio.com for more details and to be added to the RSVP list. The presentation will be held the day prior to HEX Hollywood (http://www.hexhollywood.com). We'd like to have as many surveys completed by September 30th as possible to allow us time for ONE LAST data compilation from new entries. We have extended the deadline numerous times based upon presentations and emerging pockets of participants in the community - we have satisfied all our needed criteria for sample size and diversity and are allowing surveys to come into us now to give people the opportunity to participate. At least take the time to complete the 1st survey to say you were able to play a role in this important study - each and every survey is important!


The surveys located at the web site below represent a landmark study into a variety of diverse though often linked subcultures. This study will aid us in being able to help dispel myths and misconceptions about the practices, beliefs, attitudes, and demographics of those who identify with the following:

* Vampirism (Modern Sanguine & Psi or Psychic)
* Energy Work (Psionics, Reiki, Healers, Psychics, etc.)
* Otherkin & Therians
* Magick Practitioners (Occultists, Wiccans, Pagans, Spiritualists, etc.)
* Awakened Individuals (Higher Consciousness, Shaman, Indigo, etc.)


(Surveys Are Located In The "Gray Box" For Download - Part 1 & Part 2 - Or Via Text Format Under Troubleshooting)

The VEWRS & AVEWRS are universally applicable to ALL of these groups at least in part (demographically, etc.) despite the name and some of the questions asked that may be "N/A" for your particular circumstance (choose Not Applicable or leave blank) - data will be divided per each individual sub-group (ie: energy workers, vampires, therians, otherkin, etc.). This is why we need as many individuals who identify with energy work, psionics, otherkin, magick, real vampirism (psi/sang), or who consider themselves awakened to complete these surveys as possible! Thus far we've received over 550+ responses on the VEWRS alone and another 225+ on the AVEWRS.

If You Have Yet To Complete The VEWRS & AVEWRS Surveys *PLEASE* Take The Time To Complete At Least The VEWRS (1st Survey) & Submit To Us ASAP! Please do not procrastinate... these surveys may at first glance appear lengthy but they go by quickly when you're completing them!


Questions: research@suscitatio.com

Download Surveys (VEWRS & AVEWRS) From:

E-Mail Completed Surveys (As A File Attachment) To: response@suscitatio.com

Troubleshooting: (Text Only Versions - Copy/Paste Survey Format - Any Word Processor Or E-Mail – IF YOU HAVE ANY TROUBLE COMPLETING THESE SURVEYS OR VIEWING THEM PLEASE E-MAIL US OR USE LINKS BELOW)


Thank you for your participation, support, and encouragement of others to complete the surveys!


** Please pass this information along to other sites, groups, forums, and individuals! **
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Lost [27 May 2007|10:00pm]

Hello I am new here, I have been looking for a place to express, share and help my self and others of a simlar nature. Also In hopes to understand my type of phenotype, Im a shadow wolf, its rather hard to explain, its rather other plainer. I can shift into the shadows in my wolf state in dreams and in meditations, sorta invisable in them, im very fast and lith, but not very strong for a wolf. Every other therianthrope I have meet had an instant dislike for me, what ever I am im differnt enough for others to fear/dislike and not understand. I have been awakened for the past 5 years and have found out very little about it, any thoughts?
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[27 Dec 2006|09:06pm]

Animals have no God!!
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Second moon? [21 Sep 2006|09:30pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Has anyone had experiences where they are affected by the moon, but not every moon.. Every other moon.. I usually get strong whateveryouwanttocallthem the few days before every other full moon. Not quite sure what to make of it.

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[20 Sep 2006|05:02pm]

Hello. (:

I just joined, and thought I'd go right away and post an introduction, for I have a tendancy to lurk if I don't.

It seems the older I get the more confused I become, with sensations overlapping into eachother, causing me to become unsure of myself. I always attributed the phantom tail and claws to the clouded leopard I've always felt very akin to. However, the way I react to the world around me and the places I enjoy do not coincide with anything strongly feline.

So this is an introduction as well as me hoping someone might be able to make sense of all this.

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[14 Sep 2006|04:12pm]

I put this under a cut since I'm going to be crossposting it quite a bit.

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