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TWILIGHT III - Seattle, WA - September 26-28, 2008

This event is also available to those from the therian, energy worker, shamanic, and other related communities who share peaceful interest, open mindedness, and/or commonality with vampirism or those from our community.  This is an invitation to all those who maintain a serious desire to learn more about the real vampire community and who are able to attend current or future gatherings.

TWILIGHT III - Seattle, WA - September 26-28, 2008
A Formal Gathering of the Real Vampire Community 

TWILIGHT is a formal gathering of individuals involved in vampirism (practical and academic), coordinated by Merticus ( (of Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC ( and the Atlanta Vampire Alliance ( and Daemonox ( (of the Vampirism Community eList ( The goal of this gathering is to bring together the community's serious and sane for discussion, knowledge exchange, networking, and social engagement. This is an invitational event that screens attendees, and we reserve the right to refuse access to anyone.

TWILIGHT III will be held on the weekend of September 26-28th in Seattle, WA. This gathering will be officially hosted by Eric Bloodstorm ( from Portland, OR, and Lady Slinky ( (of the VCMB ( from Seattle, WA, along with the Vampirism Community eList, which will celebrate its 10 Year Anniversary as of September 28th.

- Gathering Itinerary -

For this gathering, we have the following presentations and guest speakers planned, as well as several more that we look forward to committing to the conference shortly:

  - "The Vampire Archetype in Media, Culture, & the Real Vampire Community" by Michelle Belanger (of House Kheperu & author of "The Psychic Vampire Codex", "The Psychic Energy Codex", as well as author/compiler of "Vampires In Their Own Words")

  - "The Vampirism & Energy Work Research Study" by Merticus (of the Atlanta Vampire Alliance (AVA), & Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC - authors of the study)

  - "Energy Work Within the Void: Integration of the Individual as a Whole" by Soma (of the Los Angeles shamanic & vampiric communities)

  - "Law As It Relates to the Real Vampire & BDSM Communities, & the Practical Reality of the Donor Contract" by J.G.C. (of the Los Angeles, CA legal field & vampiric community)

In addition to the presentations, there will be open group discussion, and discussions panels that will involve the aformentioned presenters along with the following special guests: Eric Bloodstorm (Portland, OR), Lady Slinky (Seattle, WA - VCMB), Cole (San Francisco, CA - Carpe Noctum), Zilchy (San Diego, CA - Vampire Q&A on YouTube), Daemonox (Los Angeles, CA - Vampirism Community eList), and as a delightful twist, Case (Seattle, WA - Seattle Skeptics). We look forward to adding more finalized details, such as topics and additional presentations shortly. Thank you for your patience.

- RSVP'ing For Gathering & Hotel Booking -

As of Tuesday, August 19th, TWILIGHT III is currently just over halfway booked, with a capacity limit of 60 people, maximum. Discount hotel rates for the location of this gathering will ONLY be available until September 1st! For this reason, early RSVP'ing and hotel registration is highly encouraged (you will not be charged until check-out). Please RSVP NOW ( to secure your ability to attend this gathering, and to receive your hotel booking information.

At this time we are also interested in hearing topic suggestions for group discussion and the panels, along with any questions or comments that you may have. Please contact either Merticus or Daemonox by way of, or make your topic suggestions in the TWILIGHT Meetup message board (

Attendance is restricted to members of TWILIGHT only.

For more information, to join, or to RSVP for this event, please visit:


- TWILIGHT Gathering History -

TWILIGHT I was held in Los Angeles, CA on October 30, 2007, and officially hosted by The Wretched eList (California Vampires), and the Los Angeles Vampire Meetup Group. Originally intended as a one-off occurrence, the evening began with a formal banquet dinner on one level, and progressed to presentations and discussions on a second level. Presenting at this gathering was Michelle Belanger (of House Kheperu and author of The Psychic Vampire Codex), along with Merticus and Zero (of the Atlanta Vampire Alliance (AVA), and Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC - authors of Vampirism & Energy Work Research Study). With an attendance of 50 individuals, representative of many notable and active community members from the Southern Californian region, as well as attendees from as far away as South Carolina, Ohio, Georgia, and Northern California, this memorable gathering was heralded as a success and quickly demanded encore.

TWILIGHT II was held in Atlanta, Georgia on the weekend of March 7-9th, 2008, and was officially hosted by the Atlanta Vampire Alliance and Atlanta Vampire & Non-Conformists Meetup Group. Presentations were held by Jason Crutchfield and Michelle Belanger of House Kheperu, Merticus, Zero, and SethNunMin of the Atlanta Vampire Alliance, Alistair of House DarkHaven, Tau Peristera De Magdalene and Tau Heosphoros Iacchus of Liberi Sanguinis Luciferi, RavenHarte of Clan Caladvwlch, Stephen O'Mallie of Clan O'Mallie and House Vengeance, along with discussions involving Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan, Khan, Lady Onyx Ravyn, Allen Greenfield, and Daemonox, and group discussion of the much debated documentary, Vampyres: When Reality Goes Beyond Fiction. With an outstanding attendance of 75 people, this gathering brought together attendees as far away as California, Ohio, Colorado, Virginia, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, North & South Carolina, Alabama, along with the greater Atlanta region, and set an even higher standard for future TWILIGHT gatherings.

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