Kemi_Niko (kemi_niko) wrote in hybrid_kin,

Therioside balance shifts & physical changes?

Has anyone ever noticed any physical changes in yourself (or other hybrids, or someone noticing the changes in you) coinciding with when one therioside (phenotype) becomes more dominant than another? Not necessarily something drastic, it could be subtle. 

I ask because over the past month, I've gradually been returning to my typical state of "being" Feline, after spending Spring, Summer, and Fall with a stronger tilt towards Wolf. For me, the feline aspects of myself can't really be separated from me as Human, and result in fewer phantom shifts, only rare mental ones, as my mind works like a cat's typically anyway, and a mental switch towards being more creative and reclusive. This is as opposed to when my therioside of Wolf holds stronger sway; I have more phantom shifts, the mental ones are more noticible, and I tend towards action (and mild aggression), and am somewhat more sociable and eager to physically be around others. I'm also more strongly connected to the elements of Nature (particularly trees) as Wolf. Haven't figured out what I'm closest to as Feline, though, since my spiritual sensitivities started flourishing when Wolf was stronger.

Anyway, a few days ago, my fiance started reacting to me differently when I'd sit down next to him or give him a hug. He'd react like I was something else within his fiancee's skin, pushing me away and looking at me funny. He took to sniffing at my neck and frowning. (Note, he isn't a therian... to his knowledge, anyway. But he is observant and spiritually sensitive.) He says I "smell foreign" now. He says I've been changing, I don't act the same or "feel" the same, and it started about a month ago. He's kinda right, Wolf started tapering back down to Level With Rest two months ago, but really picked up a few weeks ago. And when he started reacting to me weirdly was when I had settled back towards identifying strongest as Caracal. (Versus Gray Wolf or Egyptian Mau cat). I knew my personality and habits were changing; I get quieter, more reclusive, and more creative artistically and especially literately when I'm at an even balance or more towards Feline. But... I DO smell different. The scent of my skin 'round my shoulders and collarbone aren't like I ever remember it being. It isn't a matter of different soaps, the smell isn't like that.

Has something similar happened to anyone else?

Could it have something to do with my theriosides and their rebalancing? Or the fact that I've finally acknowledged Caracal as being me rather than just Mau? Or... is it just one of those every-seven-years things with normal human changes? And will I wear out the ? button if I do this one more time? </random>
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